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Stoneware Pottery

The potters wheel, slabs of clay formed with hand building techniques, or an extruder are used to create the functional and decorative pottery. The elements of nature, such as leaves and bark are incorporated into the textures of designing the clay pieces, including the colors of the glazes, throughout the end result of the firing process. Each piece of pottery is hand made and will vary slightly in form and glazes. This is all part of the handmade process, all pieces are unique!


All of the stoneware pottery is fully functional for daily use. It never contains lead, is food safe, as well as dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. When using stoneware in the oven, DO NOT preheat the oven. Place room temperature pottery in center of oven then set the oven to the desired temperature. When using pottery in the microwave, completely cover the bottom of the dish with food. This allows for even heating. 

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